Blackberry PlayBook – A Powerful Tablet.

Blackberry PlayBook – One the powerful tablet I seen after Apple iPad. And the very first thought in mind was – “yes, here is the option for Apple iPad”.

Running on 1GHz Dual core Processor and 1 GB RAM, Blackberry Playbook gives you powerful performance with support of New BlackBerry Tablet OS. It has 7” WSVGA Display, with 1024×600 resolution. This delivers some sharp display content. For me, display is vibrant and bright with good contrast. Virtual QWERTY Keyboard gives you almost same experience of typing on your favorites Blackberry mobiles. As the device is just 7” in size, I feel it easy to type on keyboard as you can easily use your thumbs to type as compare to typing on 10” screen of iPad. I think Touch screen is one of the important part when it comes to tablet computers. And Blackberry Playbook definitely gives you more than expected.

PlayBook has a Micro USB port, so you can connect it to your personal computer for data transfer. Or you can also connect it to HD device using micro HDMI port. It also has 3.5mm headset Jack to tune into your favorite music. Being smaller in size has made the device comfortable to hold, through its not possible to put it inside your pocket.

I will say browser is the best feature I found in PlayBook. You can access windows based services just like MS-Office by pointing your device at Windows Live Skydrive, this gives you the option to use the tools online. And if you are a net savvy person then PlayBook got a browser which you will definitely get addict to. PlayBook definitely gives you almost the same desktop environment. JavaScript and Flash performance on PlayBook are awesome. You can watch videos and play your favorite flash games easily.

Smaller size of device also helps when it comes to camera. You can comfortably shoot for longer time with this light-weight device. Playbook has 5MP rear-facing and 3MP front-facing cameras, both capable of shooting at 1080p HD. Whether you are using it for images or video both the functions actually performs well.

The only area where Playbook lacks is applications. Smart phones and Tablets are famous for their supporting software’s where range crosses thousands. But same is not the case with Playbook. So I hope Blackberry will come up with solution for this soon, or else device will be limited for certain use only. Another drawback is, currently only Wi-Fi version is available. For 3G supportable device, you need to wait at least later 2011. One more fact is that, Playbook has a Lithium-ion 5400 mAh battery, which is not that good as you expect a tablet might have.

Playbook is available with price ranges from $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB. Which is I think affordable to buy with some of the effective features included in device.

Device is mainly targeted for enterprise use. Yes, it lacks when it comes to applications, but applications are being developed and you will soon get them in AppWorld. Device is at affordable price, its light weight and even lot easier to carry around. So, at the end I will say Blackberry PlayBook is definitely worth of buy.


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